January 7, 2009

Are you already a couch potato? If not, do you think you will be one very soon? I hope your answer is NOOOO!!!! Welcome to the Healthy Club then.

Health is going to be the main topic in this unit, but before focusing on it answer the following survey and discuss the answers with your partners



January 6, 2009

This blog will help you investigate and work on one of the most worrying issues in nowadays society: our own health.

Take in mind that we are working together with other languages so you can get different kind of information about health, both in Spanish and Basque, in different web pages that appear on the right column of this blog.

Afterwards you will have to write a letter in a digital format to the editor of a newspaper . The topic of the letter must be related to health, focusing on what concerns you most. Finally, the letter will be published in this blog.


January 5, 2009


In order to write the letter we will give you some clues first.

1. What is a letter to the editor?

2. Some models of this type of letter.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3


4.Some pieces of advice

Click here for information: what-is-a-letter-to-the-editor


January 4, 2009


Before writing the letter, we must take into account that linking words are essential in any kind of formal pieces of writing.

There are different types of linking words that you can use which will help you give cohesion as well as coherence to your works.

Let’s practise with some exercises:

multiple choice exercise and choose the right alternative exercise


January 3, 2009

After having practised some linking words exercises we are sure that you will be able to connect your ideas and start writing the draft . In order to do so, you will only have to follow the steps given in the next link: pattern of your letter.

Once you have finished , now you are going to work in pairs to correct each other the work you have done. Have a close look to your classmates’ work. Have they used the linking words? Have they followed the steps given in activity 1?Have they used the adecuate register for a formal letter? Don’t forget to correct the grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes.


January 2, 2009

Once you have corrected each other, now it is time to write the final work: the letter to the editor.

Weldone! This is the last activity where you will have to create  some more work yourself. What will you have to do? A  Power Point which will summarise the most important aspects you have learnt about health in the four languages.

Instructions to make your Power Point


January 1, 2009


Time to evaluate the  work you have done throughout the whole unit.

You can have a look at the evaluation criteria in  this page.

You must also complete your Autoevaluation about the work you have done.

We hope you have learnt a little bit about health and now it’s time to put it into practise.